Castle Rock Lakefront Campground Map       

Under Construction!

At Castle Rock Lakefront Campark, with almost a 100 sites, you can choose the camping experence that suits you best.  We have sites to accommodate tents, tent trailers, campers and RVs of all sizes.  All Sites have a picinc table and fire rings.  Some sites are on Lake Huron with a view of Mackinac Island, close enough to hear the lapping water, others are nestled among the trees, and more are located on the upper level offering full hookups with better wifi access.

You may make a request for a specific site when you book a reservation.  However, these requests cannot be guaranteed.  Occasionally there is a need to move a guest from one site to another and there will be no refunds or reimbursements due to these changes.

Limited free WiFi is avaiable.  Please no streaming of movies. Users agree that use of the Castle Rock Campark free wireless network is at the user’s sole risk and agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the owners, owner’s agents, and/or park management from any damage that may result in the use of the wireless access. Hot spots are best near the office and site 12. 

Clickable map of the campark.

Directions: Run your mouse over the map when it changes to a hand (this happens on my computer) click that location and a picture with a small description will load.  Clickable locations are directly on the site numbers, buildings and other areas.    The higher number just have a site description.


Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Site 4 Site 5 Site 6 Site 7 Site 8 Site 9 Site 10 Site 11 Site 12 Site 12a Site 13 Site 14 Site 15 Site 16 Site 16a Site 17 Site 18 Site 19 Site 20 Site 20 Site 20a Site 40 Site 41 Site 42 Site 43 Site 44 Site 45 Site 46 Site 47 Site 48 Site 49

This image was taken in the very early spring, remember we are located in the Michigan's Upper Peninsula, summer comes late for us.  The campground was closed at the time and the level of Lake Huron was at a historical low.